Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday, October 3, 2008

30 Second Drawing

Light Drawing  (30 seconds)
Laser pointer, digital photograph  2008
The creation of this artwork has been made possible, in part through a chashama North Retreat.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

A view of chasama North through a portable camera obscura

A view of chashama North through a portable camera obscura
A portable camera obscura, digital photograph

The creation of this artwork has been made possible, in part, through a chashama North Retreat.

Extruded Light: Stairs

Extruded Light:Satirs 
Sunlight, fog, plastic sheet
dimensions variable

The creation of this work has been made possible, in part, through a chashama North Retreat.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hotshop Abstraction

Hotshop Abstraction (2nd vesion)
Cardboard, fog, slide projector, speaker, microphone, pre-recorded sound of a glass shop
Live performance/ Installation

Hotshop Abstraction extracts and interprets the intense experience of a glassblowing studio. 
A large industrial space is filled with fog, and pre-recorded sound of a growling mechanical noise of a glass shop.  A "glory hole"(stand-alone furnace for reheating hot glass) replicated out of cardboard is installed at one end of the space. A slide projector installed behind the glory hole
casts a strong beam of light to the other end of the wall. The mass of light draws a perfect conical shape because of the fog particle in the atmosphere. 
The piece was exhibited in at Gallery Catacomb, Central Falls, RI  in May 2008. 

Irrationally Exuberant (spinning cocktail glass and stock market price)

Irrationally Exuberant
(spinning cocktail glass and stock market price)
Plexiglas, glass, motor, slide projector
w10'x d10'x h10'
In the middle of a dark room, five cocktail glasses sit on a pedestal; two of those rotate slowly on a motor, another two stand still, and one lies broken.
The rotating glass occasionally hit the standing glasses, making a subtle clinking sound. Behind the pedestal, a rectangular sheet of plexiglas is hung from the ceiling. An image of a chandelier , without candles, is engraved on the surface of the Plexiglas. On the back of the Plexiglas, A daily updated "candlestick chart" of the Nikkei 225– one of the most popular Japanese stock price market index– is projected on the screen. As a light from a projector hits glasses and plexiglas, all the shadows are condensed and converged on the screen.

Waterfall 212 Union Street

Waterfall 212 Union Street (2006)
Water, plexiglas 
A guerilla site specific installation, Waterfall 212 Union Street resides at the entrance of the studio building at RISD.  A plexiglas reservoir is installed on the second floor balcony. From there, droplets of water flow down approximately 20 feet to hit the sidewalk. 

Personal Waterfall

Personal Waterfall 
Wood, plexiglas, water, pump 
w35"x d35"x h78"

Personal Waterfall is a prototype for a mobile shelter for a stressful urban environment.  
Inspired by "Social Withdrawal" – one of the most remarkable social phenomena among younger generations in Japan–, Personal Waterfall functions a temporal hermitage to calm down and relax.
The viewer can enter behind the waterfall and sit on a built-in bench to face a wall of water, which flows down from a plexiglas reservoir placed on top of the wooden structure.

This piece will be developed and exhibited for Wright Biennial at UCLA in September, 2009. 

Personal Rave

Personal Rave
Digital video, balloon, glass, mirror
Dimensions variable

Personal Rave generates a futile imagery of a party spectacle by utilizing glass, mirrors, and video projection. A video capturing a silhouette of a dancing figure is projected on a translucent balloons on a long rectangular table. Besides the balloon, a small mirrored palm tree slowly spins, dispersing fragments of light around the room like a disco ball. 

Irrationally Exuberant (bubble projection)

Irrationally Exuberant (bubble projection)
Glass, pump, transparency, overhead projector
Dimensions variable

A custom made fish tank sits on a overhead projector. Inside the tank, a small pump generates 
constant bubbles in the water. The image of the moving bubbles is magnified and projected on the wall. 

You Are A Clock(video)

Video documentation of You Are A Clock(2007)

You Are A Clock

You Are A Clock 
Plate glass, digital video(loop, 2min), sound
h24"x w36"(glass)
You Are A Clock is a video projection piece that focuses on the difference of people's perception of time.
The faces of nine performers are projected on a frosted glass screen. They start counting a minutein theyr own way as a "human clock." After counting 60 seconds, each performer disappears from the screen with an improvisational beep sound.

Soft and Hard

Soft and Hard 
Hot sculpted glass, slide projectors
Dimensions variable
The idea of Soft and Hard originates from the ability of glass to accommodate almost contradictory features at the same time. The glass letters {S+H, O+A, F+R, T+D} are designed and configured in a way that they can be read as "soft" and "hard" from different angles.

Displaced Glass

Displaced Glass 
Hand blown glass, plate glass, spot light
w12"x d80"x h9"

Hand blown glass vessels are dissected into cups, stems, and feet. They are re-assembled and glued on a sheet glass. Being installed on a wall, those glass vessels give an illusion as if they are floating in the air.

Untitled (Light, Water, Shadows) version #2

Untitled(Light, Water, Shadows) Version 2 is developed from Version 1.  It was exhibited in Glass Department Show at Sol Koffler Gallery in 2006.

In Version 2, the projection becomes more enigmatic because the structure is concealed in the white box. 
The viewers can only look into the box when they become close to the piece. 

Untitled (Light, Water, Shadows) version #1

Untitled(Light, Water, Shadows) 
Plexiglass, glass, water, pump, wood, light

In a dark room, a shallow Plexiglas box is filled with water and installed against the wall, approximately at one's eye level.
Hand- blown glass objects float in the box . A small pump inside the box circulates the water and moves glass objects, creating ripples on the surface of the water. A spot light from the floor projects constantly-changing shadows on the wall.